5 good reasons to rent your sports equipment this summer

You love all sports. Or have you just not found your thing yet? Then here are 5 good reasons to rent your sports equipment this summer.

For a more sustainable sport

Decathlon is working to reduce the ecological footprint of sport. This is done through rental. Renting a product means increasing its use. And therefore, in the long term, limiting its impact on the planet. If we can guarantee 150 days of use for a product, this will reduce its CO2 impact by 50% on average.

The sport you want, when you want it

Rent a mountain bike in Verviers, a SUP in Ghent or a paddle tennis racket in Brussels, thanks to our rental service. You can have it delivered to the shop of your choice and then just enjoy it. Renting is the sport you want, when you want it. You have the choice. You own your emotions, but not your equipment.

No more storage problems

Bikes, SUPs and kayaks take up space. With rental, the garage that overflows is over. 1 day, 1 week or 1 month, you decide how long you want to rent your equipment. You make the most of it, then bring it back to us.

You help us to improve our products

Renting our products increases the average frequency of use. And since the products are checked after each use in our central warehouse, this will allow us to assess their durability and possibly improve them so that they are more durable and easier to repair in the future.

You can make a mistake

We've all made the mistake of buying sports equipment that we never (or rarely) use. You know, the ones that later become coat racks? With our rental service, you have the opportunity to make a mistake, as you can try out a product for only a few hours. And so, stop the costs directly if you see that the sport does not suit you.